6 Things to Look for in a DIY eCommerce Website Builder

If you’re a small business looking to get started online, a DIY eCommerce website builder is a great way to get up and running with minimal investment of time and money. However, not all website builders are equal. The following is a list of things any DIY website builder worth the name should have.

  1. An intuitive user interface (UI). This is a fancy way of saying, “easy to figure out and use.” You don’t want to spend valuable time trying to figure out a complicated program and you certainly don’t have to with the availability of “drag and drop” website builders. A good website builder should be something you can begin using almost immediately with little to no help.
  2. Having said that, your website builder should have contextual instructions that are easy to access and follow to help you get started. There should be additional options that make it quick and simple to find the information you need on the features you want.
  3. An easy-to-use shopping cart feature. Your shopping cart is the heart and soul of your ecommerce business so it’s important to have one your customers will enjoy using. That means a shopping cart and checkout process that’s fast and easy. If it isn’t, your ecommerce website will be full of abandoned shopping carts instead of completed sales.
  4. While a selection of templates is great for getting started, you’ll want to be able to quickly and easily customize your website for your particular business’ needs. Make sure the DIY website builder you use includes content you can tailor specifically for your products and services.
  5. Lots of storage. It’s easy to underestimate your storage needs when you’re first starting out but you’d be surprised at how quickly all those product photos and videos add up. Many services like to start you off with a limited amount of storage space and then charge you for what you really need. Look for a website builder that already offers unlimited storage for all your photos, videos, documents and anything else you might require.
  6. Plenty of support. There’s nothing like needing support only to find it’s nearly non-existent. It’s important to choose a DIY ecommerce website builder that doesn’t leave you hanging – whether you need help with a technical issue or simply need help designing your website.

Find a DIY eCommerce website with these features and you’re sure to get your business off to a flying start.

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